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Новости 2018 / News 2018  


Many thanks to judge Claudio De Giuliani (Italy) 



Landessieger, Tüttleben, Germany

20.10.2018 LS Monanna Republic Dante Dolcezze -VDH, CAC, BOS!

Big congrats to owners - Babette and Nicole, Hogwards Castel Kennel!




EDS, Warsaw, Poland

Monanna Republic Jador Le Vent - vp-2, Best Baby Male-2

BIG Congrats to owner Liza Shanina!!!


25.09.2018 Int dog Show León (Spain)

Monanna Republic Eclipse On The Sun (Puppy Class) - Vg1, BOB Puppy and BOG Puppy!

Breeder: Anna Monogarova
Owner: Jose Antonio Garcia Montes
Handling: Miguel Angel Alvarez Fernandez

Judge Breed:Jose M. Doval (Sp)
Judge BOG Puppy: Juan Naveda Carrero (Sp)




Great news from Germany!!!
26.08.2018 IDS German Winner Leipzig
Monanna Republic DANTE DOLCEZZE - GERMAN JUGENDWINNER 2018!!!!!!!!

Great congratulations to owners - Nicole Stangenberg-Frehse and Babette Stangenberg!!!!!


Russian Sighthound Championship
Наши результаты с Российского Чемпионата Борзых!

Judge in breed Arnaldo Cotugno, Italy
Monanna Republic Joli Mademoiselle, Baby class - vp1, BOB Baby and finally BIS Baby out of 6 breeds!!!
Our little girl , only 4 months , first time in ring and so big victory!

Monanna Republic Eva Emilia, Puppy classvp1, BOB Puppy and finally Res.BIS Puppy!
Many thanks to judge in BIS Puppy ring Frederic Maison!

Monanna Republic Brilliant Boy, Open class - cc1, class winner and BM-4
Monanna Republic Viva Victoria, Open class - cc-2
De La Casa Borromeo's Guatapuri, Champion class - cc1, class winner and BM-3

Many thanks to judges, to Denis V. Shirokov for super organization and for my adorable team , Людмила Светлова


18.08.2018 NDS rank RKF Champion,

Kaluga judge Valeria Bobikova

De La Casa Borromeo's Guatapuri - ex1, CAC, BOB, BIG-1, RKF Champion

Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - vp, BOB Puppy

NDS "Fortuna", Kaluga Judge Natalia Sedyh

Monanna Republic Viva Victoria - ex1, CAC, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-5 



NDS Heinola 18.8.18, Finland Voitto

Monanna Republic Very Valentino - Ex1, BOS

Many thanks to judge Frederic Maison

Big congrats to owners Juho Adamson and Minna Vatja!!!


11.08.2018 World Dog Show 2018

Monanna Republic Eva Emilia, puppy class - VP, 3d Best Puppy female (3/5)
Way to go little princess!
Very proud of our son (Fabinho & Arina)
Monanna Republic Dante Dolcezze - 3d Best Junior Male!!!


28.07.2018 Super news from Finland!
IDS Mikkeli,
our Voitto (Monanna Republic Very Valentino) - ex1, CAC, CACIB!!!
New FI CH and SE CH!!!
Many congrats to owners Minna Vatja and Juho!!!


09.07.2018 A wonderful show day in Germany
Monanna Republic DANTE Dolcezze V1, VDH, YCAC and Landesjugendsieger Nord in Hamburg and
German Junior Champion!!!
Big congratulations to owners- Babette and Nicole!!!
Thank you the judges Mr.E. Sistermann and Ms. Kammerscheid-Lammers


17.06.2018 IDS Smolensk, Russia
De La Casa Borromeo's Guatapuri (aka Roni) - CAC, CACIB, Ch RKF, BOS!!!
Many thanks to judge Julia Aidietiene (Lithuania)!


What a day!
10.06.18 NDS Moscow, Zelenograd,
Judge in ring and BIG Людмила Краковская
Judge in BIS Baby Dmitry Mamontov
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - VP, BOB Baby and BIS Baby-3!!!
Monanna Republic Viva Victoria - ex1, CAC, BOB, BIG-3!!!
New Russian Champion!!!
I'm very proud of our girls!


Wonderful news from Finland!
Forssa kr show today, 10.06.2018
Voitto - Monanna Republic Very Valentino CC, BOB
Thank you judge Igor Selimovic!
Congratulations to owner Minna Vatja !!!


07.06.2018 Now it's official

Monanna Republic Gracious Mouch Noir Best IGs in Poland according to results of all polish shows

last year I am so happy and proud of Fabinho dauther!!!

Thanks a lot to Mushka's owners - Liliana &Monika Nowak for great job, love and care about our black pearl!!!


NDS Khimki, Moscow, 20.05.18
Judge in ring and BIG Oleg Vasiliev
Monanna Republic Viva Victoria - ex1, CAC, BOB, res.BIG!!!
Big congrats to Viva's owner and my partner Людмила Светлова!!!



Monanna Republic Gracious Mouche Noir - BOB & BIS-3 out of 12 breeds
on Polish Sighthounds Club Show -2018!
Big congrats and complements to owners-Monika & Liliana Nowak!!!


 One more hot news, now from Germany!

13.05.2018, Dortmund, 2 x IDS , Europasieger 2018.
Monanna Republic Dante Dolcezze
- V2, Res.Jgd.CAC (will be changed in a full Jgd.CAC),
Vize-Europajugendsieger !!!
Many thanks to the judge Mr. E. Deutscher!
Congratulations to owners Babette Steinberg & Nicole !!!!!

 Hot news from Finland !
Monanna Republic Very Valentino (Voitto )
took part in Harjavalta group show today.
He was Int. exellent, INTC1, BM2, CQ CAC

Judge Pirjo Aaltonen.
Congratulations to owner Minna Vatja!!!

Monanna Republic Gracious Mouche Noir- Res BEST IN SHOW today in Poland!!!
Mushka became Reserve BEST IN SHOW at IDS Łódź today! Almost 3000 dogs entered I am soooo happy Many thanks to all judges - Robert Lamont (BOB), Roberto Schill (BOG), Luis Catalan (BIS)! Thank you for all amazing words about our girl
Manu congrats to owners - Monika & Liliana Novak!



Tampere INT show , Finland
IG Voitto - Monanna Republic Very Valentino
Judge Gerard Cox, Irland
Many congrats to owner Minna Vatja!!!



IDS Eurasia-1, 05.05.18, Moscow
Judge Lisbeth Mach
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - VP1, BOB Baby
Monanna Republic Brilliant Boy, Intermediate class - CW1 (1/2), CAC
De La Casa Borromeo's Fabinho, Champion class - 3/3


IDS Opole, Poland
Mushka - won intermediate class I/2, got CWC, another CACIB, BOB and finally she was also BOG IV
Many thanks to breed judge: Tamás Jakkel & BOG judge: Janusz Opara



2 x NDS in Moscow 15.04.2018

JCH RUS Monanna Republic Brilliant Boy- 2 x CAC, 2 x BOB and now Pupi NEW RUSSIAN CHAMPION !!!
JCH RUS Monanna Republic Viva Victoria- CAC, BOS.

I just have no words to express my feelings!
Thank you honorable judges , Marina Patrina and Jose Arnaldo de Medeiros Neto (Brazil)!

And big congrats to Viva's owner Людмила Светлова!




IDS Brno, Chezh Republic

Mushka (Monanna Republic Gracious Mouch Noir)


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