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Новости 2019 / News 2019

CACIB FCI “Nevsky winner” 1, St. Petersburg
Judge L.Galiaskarova
Monanna Republic Joli Mademuaselle (20 months) 
res.CAC, res.CACIB



03.11.2019Moscow, Russia
RKF President's Cup

Monanna Republic Zinaida - BOB Baby!!!

First time in ring with her owner Maxim, only 4 months!

Monanna Republic Eva Emilia (Ch Class) - CW, CAC, Res.CACIB!!!


Krasnodar CACIB, 15.09.19
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - CACIB  and BOB!
Many thanks to honorable judge Mukeev Esengeldy.



03.08.2019, Moscow
Speciality for IGs, Candidate Club Winner
Honorable judge L.Galiaskarova, RU
Monanna Republic Joli Mademoiselle - CW, Junior Candidate Club Winner, BOS
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - CW, Candidate Club Winner, BB-1




ВОВ and res.BIG on IDS "CUP WHITE NIGHTS 2019"
in St.Petersburg


IDS "MINSK" - 02.06.2019
Honorable judge L.Nikitina, RUS
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia -
CAC, CACIB, BOB, Crufts Qualification-2020
New CH Belarus


14.04.2019, Tallinn, Estonia
IDS "Tallinn Winner 2019"
Monanna Republic Very Valentino - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and Tallinn Winner-19!
New Estonian Champion!
Many congrats to Voitto owners- Minna Vatja and Juho Adamsson!!!



IDS " Grand Prix "Spring Petersburg 2019"
Honorable judge - Mariano Di Chicсo (Italy)
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - CW (1/3), CAC, BB-3!

IDS " Grand Prix “Elite Petersburg 2019"
Honorable judge - Ольга Косарева (RU)
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - CW (1/2), CAC, CACIB and ... BOB!!!

New Russian Champion!



19.05.2019 - our Fabinho's children did this day!!!

NDS Varkaus, Finland
Moonpearl's Capitano Quarzo - BOS with CAC
Judge Juha Putkonen

IDS Pskov, Russia
Lux Loral Domenico Donatello - CAC, res.CACIB -> CACIB, BD-2

Monanna Republic Eva Emilia - CAC, res.CACIB -> CACIB, BB-2
Judge Siret Lepasaar

IDS Dortmund, Germany
Monanna Republic Dante Dolcezze- V1, CAC, VDH
judge Mrs. Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne 



IDS "Mazover Memorial ", Moscow Winner 2019, 29 IGs
Honorable judge, IG breeder and most respected specialist in breed
- Bitte Ahrens Primavera
Monanna Republic Joli Mademoiselle (junior class) -
Ex1 (1/5), JCAC, JBOB, Junior Club Winner,
Junior Moscow Winner 2019 and Junior RKF Champion!!!
NEW Junior Russian Champion!
Monanna Republic Eva Emilia (intermediate class) -
Ex1 (1/2), CAC, Candidate Club Winner!

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